Advent begins on December 2


Mid-Week Worship and Faithful Conversation


Praying with the saints in Advent is this year’s theme.


Each Wednesday evening in Advent, beginning at 7:00, we’ll gather for a service of Evening Prayer and Holy Communion, followed by a time of “faithful conversation.” In a slight change from recent years past, this year we’ll be considering the Saints of old whose lives and witness are commemorated and celebrated during the month of December. During the conversational time, we will be considering their lives in light of the texts we’ll be reading from the Bible in worship.


The themes for each week and the names of those whose witness we’ll be considering are:

Wed. Dec 5     – Love Seen and Felt / John of Damascus (Dec. 4), Nicholas (Dec. 6)

Wed. Dec 12   – Love Heard and Confessed / Ambrose (Dec. 7), Lucy (Dec. 13)

Wed. Dec 19   – Love Desired and Fulfilled / John of the Cross (Dec. 14), Katharina von Bora

Luther (Dec. 20)