For the Week Beginning June 1, 2018

Second Sunday after Pentecost/Lectionary 9



Saturday – 5:00 p.m. Service of Holy Communion

Sunday – 9:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion

Wednesday – 10 a.m. Eucharist followed by Prayer Ministry

This Sunday, June 3rd Thrivent Financial will be sponsoring our coffee hour in the great room along with a presentation for all members of the congregation on ways Thrivent can help our congregation

Next Sunday come join us in the great room for our annual picnic – God’s Love is Tiki-tastic – a Luau themed event following worship!!

Sign-up sheets are up in the gathering area for side dishes and contestants for our 5th Annual bake off contest!

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

As we have in the past we are offering an opportunity to support our Endowment fund and remember/honor the special men in our lives. There has been a bulletin insert the last 2 weeks and the insert is also below.  Please complete and submit it to the office with your donation by June 10.

We are going to have tables set up in SCS on 6/10 for the kids to shop for the special men in their lives too!  Please send your kids with a few dollars on 6/10 so they can shop for that special gift!!


If you have someone on the prayer list and you would like them to remain on the prayer list for the new church year, please call (732-229-9180), email (reformationwlb@gmail.com) or leave a note on Debbie’s desk. Please remember, unless otherwise asked, we will put your loved ones name on the weekly spoken prayer list for 4 weeks and then they will remain on the prayer list below and in the monthly messengers indefinitely (until you let us know we can remove them).




Eric, Susan & Joe Agnellino, Isabella Andrade, Amy Appleton, Edgar Arlt, Baby Arabella, Jessica Blomn, Gail Brito, Haley Brunner, Allan & Christa Buergin, Kevin Conklin, Estelle deLeon, Maryann Dickman, John DiNapoli, Diane Donagan, Isabella Downer, George Economy, Betty Errigo, Elissa Faraone, Dave Fieltsch, Amanda Ferraro, Coralee Gleason, Leslie Gurlea, Max Holden, Royce Howell, Pat & Jim Jackson, Ann Jamison, Ashley Kazar, Don Keller, Sharon Kennedy, Alan Keszler, Nancy & George Lautz, Roy Lingle, Rick Matson, Barbara & Joseph McCarthy, Joyce Mendez, John Mercogliano,Renee Moore, Ed Myzie, Beth Nilsson, Joan Nolan, Gail Oberlin, George Ottino, John Powlesland, Bill Putt, Myra Reyes, Glen Robinson, Kiera Scott, Diane Smith, Kurt Stahnke, Dolores Strockbine, Baby Mary Rose Sutter, Frank Trafari, Elisa Walker, Denise Willemsen

 Christian Sympathy to the family and friends of Phil Apruzzi, Kristen Dressler’s dad.


THRIVENT INFORMATIONAL SESSION: Thrivent Financial is excited to introduce John Seifert as your new contact for financial planning and education. John’s mission is to help people reach their financial goals by being wise with their money and to live generously! He is a guide helping clients navigate the journey to financial security and reach their financial goals by combining faith and finances.  He brings knowledge, experience, and a listening ear to all conversations. Please feel free to reach him directly at 732-320-6958 if interested in learning more. He helps clients with their insurance needs (life, disability income, long term care), investing for retirement, college, and other needs.

 Stay tuned for exciting activities popping up this summer and fall sponsored by Thrivent Financial!

On June 3rd our Community Engagement Manager, Jessica Johnson, will be joining us after worship for an informational session on who Thrivent is and how they not only help individuals plan but also help in community projects through Thrivent Choice Dollars and Thrivent Action Team Events.  Please join us in the great room after worship for coffee hour and some valuable information.  Looks for more details throughout this month!! Both potential Thrivent members AND seasoned Thrivent members are encouraged to attend this event.


GRADUATE RECOGNITION:  Is someone in your family reaching a milestone in their education? Please let the church office know. We would like to recognize everyone reaching a milestone in their education on Sunday, June 10 during worship.


We are now at the bid stage for the project and will be soliciting proposals from qualified general contractors.  The bid period will start on May 14, 2018 with the proposals due on May 31, 2018.

Following the bid period, recommendations will be provided to Council for their review and approval and then a final approach will be presented to the Congregation.  All of the legal, architectural, and engineering fees have been donated and the construction costs will only be from designated food pantry funds.

If you know of any contractors that should be considered for the project, please send their contact information to Steve Bray at sbray@kmbdg.com.

There will be a special congregational meeting following worship on Sunday, June 24th to present the proposals and have the congregation vote on the expansion project.


CAMP CONNECTIONS:  It’s not too early to begin thinking about summertime activities for the family.  Check out the information from Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center on the round blue table by the doors in the gathering area.  There are lots of opportunities to join in the fun and faith driven activities at Cross Roads!


{  Father’s Day Tribute {

On Sunday, June 17th we will be celebrating FATHER’S DAY.  We are providing an opportunity for honoring and remembering our fathers and the special men in our lives through the Endowment Fund.  We are providing a FATHER’S DAY TRIBUTE where contributions may be made to the church and applied to our Endowment Fund.  We have established three sections of the Endowment Fund.  The original section is General Endowment, which will continue to make grants and matching gifts.  The second section is for the Building Endowment and will be used exclusively for the repair or expansion of our church building.  The third section is for Feeding the Hungry. You may choose where you would like your gift applied by annotating in the appropriate sections identified below.  Simply make a contribution payable to Reformation Lutheran Church (in any amount) and complete this form.  Your form and donations may be placed in the offering plates, mailed to the church or placed on Debbie’s Desk— no later than June 12th


(Please print clearly to ensure accuracy for your memorial or tribute)

 NAME: ___________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE # _____________________Envelope #_________ TOTAL AMOUNT: ________________

Fund Designation:                   $________General Endowment (Code 800)

$________Building Endowment (Code 807)

$________Feeding the Hungry  (Code 808)


(  ) IN MEMORY OF: ____________________________________________________________________________________

(  ) IN HONOR OF: ______________________________________________________________________________________