Sermons from September 2015

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Sermon: Proper 21 Lectionary 26 B 2015 Numbers 11:4-29; Mark 9:38-50

In studying this week’s first reading from Numbers, a couple of problems came up for me that I think speak clearly to our continued experiences as God’s people today. But before I go there, let’s set the stage for what’s happening in Numbers 11.   The people are wandering in the wilderness, having been miraculously […]

Sermon 9-14-15, Isaiah 50:4-9a; James 3:1-12; Mark 8:27-38 Proper 19 Lectionary 24 B

[Click here for video] Simul justus et peccator – the Latin phrase commonly translated as: “Simultaneously saint and sinner” or, more precisely, “simultaneously justified and sinner” is an important phrase that every Lutheran ought to know. It speaks to the reality of human life and to how what Luther would call our old nature (the […]