Sermons from May 2016

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Sermon Holy Trinity C 2016 Romans 5:1-5

[Click here for video] The Church has long witnessed and confessed to the truth of the Trinity, and has done so in various ways, some more relatable, more accessible, than others. The Church has also struggled with the concept of a triune Godhead, and various heretical understandings have had to be put aside – The […]

Sermon Pentecost Sunday 2016 Acts 2:1-21; Romans 8:14-17; John 14:8-17, 25-27

[Click here for video] What does this mean? It’s a question we in Lutheran circles ought to recognize It’s the question at the heart of Luther’s Small Catechism It’s the question children ask repeatedly as they begin to explore the world – As they begin to realize that there’s a world beyond their own self […]

Sermon Easter 7C 2016 Acts 16:16-34; Revelation 22:12-21; John 17:20-26

[Click here for video] In a liturgy class during my first year at seminary Dr. Gordon Lathrop told us about a bell that hung in the tower of a northern Wisconsin church founded in 1873, until it was destroyed by fire in 1985. The bell bore the following inscription: to bath and table, to prayer […]