For the Week Beginning October 19, 2018

Twentieth-second Sunday after Pentecost/Lectionary 29



Saturday – 5:00 p.m. Service of Holy Communion

Sunday – 9:30 a.m. Service of Holy Communion

Wednesday – 10 a.m. Eucharist followed by Prayer Ministry


We have an amazing opportunity to receive $500 from Thrivent Financial as part of Craig Munson’s Action Team Event – a food drive for soup!!  If we can collect 500 cans of soup (or any food items!) we will get $500 from Thrivent

We picked soup for our drive because we have none in the pantry as of today!!

Please help us reach our goal!!


This is a BIG weekend here at Reformation

We have the SCS hop-a-thon – please support our children as they hop to raise funds for World Hunger

We have our Bread for the World bread sale to raise funds for World Hunger

We have our Bread for the World letter writing campaign to let our elected officials know our concerns on hunger issues

We have our ongoing World Hunger appeal – “One Cow at a Time” – please consider “buying” some milk to support World Hunger



If you have someone on the prayer list and you would like them to remain on the prayer list for the new church year, please call (732-229-9180), email (reformationwlb@gmail.com) or leave a note on Debbie’s desk. Please remember, unless otherwise asked, we will put your loved ones name on the weekly spoken prayer list for 4 weeks and then they will remain on the prayer list below and in the monthly messengers indefinitely (until you let us know we can remove them).



Kristen, Susan Angellino, Amy Appleton, Edgar Arlt, Bob Benson, Ronald Bersch, Jessica Blomn, Linda Brady, Christa Buergin, Kevin Conklin, Joy Crane, Estelle deLeon, Maryann Dickman, John DiNapoli, Diane Donagan, Robert Donnegan, Mary Dopazo, Isabella Downer, Brinley Engles, Betty Errigo, Elissa Faraone, Dave Fieltsch, Amanda Ferraro, Anthony “Bubba” Gaetano, Coralee Gleason, Leslie Gurlea, Max Holden, Macil Homza, Royce Howell, Pat & Jim Jackson, Ann Jamison, Trish Jamison, Ashley Kazar, Don Keller, Sharon Kennedy, Alan Keszler, Diane Kirk, Nancy & George Lautz, Roy Lingle, Marie Marchasani, Rick Matson, Barbara & Joseph McCarthy, Alida McKeon Conroy, Denis Mendez,  John Mercogliano, Kathy Meyer, Renee Moore, Terre Morgan, Hanna Myrhol, Ed Myzie, Kristine Naddeo, Beth Nilsson, Joan Nolan, Chris Notley, Gail Oberlin, George Ottino, Michael Pasquale, Stephanie Pirozzi, Tamara Presley, Bill Putt, Nestor Quiles, Myra Reyes, Glen Robinson, Kay Rupert, Doris Scheibner, Kiera Scott, Helen Shiffler, Carleen Smith, Carol Spear, Kurt Stahnke, Dolores Strockbine, Baby Mary Rose Sutter, Joe Tallman, Lucille Tallman, Frank Trafari, Denise Willemsen, the 2 little children at Jersey Shore Medical Center so very much in need of prayers



 NURSERY: Help is needed!!! We need your help for nursery coverage during our Sunday morning worship service. Please prayerfully consider giving a Sunday or 2 throughout the school year!!! Please see Deb K. for more information.


 FALL CLEANUP AT THE CHURCH: On Saturday, Oct. 27th we will have our fall cleanup at the church and there is a lot to do!! We need your help!! We’ll start at about 11 and work as long as we can inside and out!

Windows, screens, cobwebs high up, weeding, trimming, cutting back, and more……..Please find the time to give an hour or 2 during the day.  There is a signup sheet on the WANTED bulletin board in the gathering area and also in the binder on the round wooden table in the gathering area.


REFORMATION SUNDAY BRUNCH:  On Sunday, 10/28 we will have a brunch to celebrate Reformation Sunday but it will also be a fundraiser via our free will offerings to work towards refurbishing the great room.  This particular luncheon is hoped to raise enough funds to purchase an additional chair rail to protect the walls from dings from tables and chairs.  It will be prepped and installed by volunteers from the congregation.  Stayed tuned for information on the menu!!




If you have a family member you would like included in the spoken prayers on All Saints Weekend, please be sure to get it in to the office as soon as possible.  We try to keep track of everyone’s loved ones who have died in the past year, but to be honest, we don’t always succeed. Please help us to be sure we remember everyone and please don’t assume we will remember.  Thank you, Debbie



Are you maximizing your retirement income?


 Join us for a free Savvy Social Security workshop!  November 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm.


Careful planning can help you get the most out of your Social Security benefits. Savvy Social Security Planning is a free workshop from Thrivent that will help you determine the ideal time to apply and ways to maximize your Social Security benefits while minimizing taxes on those benefits.

These sessions are hosted by John Seifert, MBA and feature Thrivent Financial guest speaker Wayne Grant, Financial Consultant.

Please call John Seifert, (732)-320-6958 or email john.seifert@thrivent.com to reserve a place for yourself and a guest. Refreshments will be served.

No products will be sold.

Thrivent Financial and its representatives and employees have general knowledge of the Social Security tenets; however, they do not have the professional expertise for a complete discussion of the details of your specific situation. For additional information, contact your local Social Security Administration office.

Thrivent and its financial professionals do not provide legal, accounting or tax advice.  Consult your attorney or tax professional.





On October 12-14 there was another wonderful Women’s Retreat at Crossroads.
Although it was only 5 of us from our church (Edie Jansen, Lorraine Cotter, Joanie Neumeier, Christine Rockwell-Wardlow, and Sue Homza) it was a great time.  We learned, laughed, relaxed & bonded with each other, not only with our members, but other amazing women as well.

The retreat was led this year solely by Pastor Laurie, who was very inspiring.  Pastor Dale, who wasn’t there for either of the 2 women’s retreats, sadly lost her Mom in September, and was at a parent’s weekend for her daughter’s freshman college class.

The food was plentiful and delicious, but we learned that this would be our last retreat that Chef Kevin would be there to prepare his wonderful dishes for us, as he will be leaving Crossroads later this year.  Fortunately, Lorraine convinced him to share his recipes with us!

We had plenty of free time to do whatever we wanted.  Take walks, play games, nap, share some wine and conversation, craft…we were encouraged to do whatever it is we wanted.  As always, it was sad when it was over, and we look forward to going again next year.




On Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, 2018 we will celebrate All Saints Day. At our worship services on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:30 a.m., we will offer prayers remembering all those who have entered their new and eternal life in Christ.

Many people wish to make a memorial donation on this occasion and we continue to provide an opportunity to make such gifts on All Saints Sunday.

Monies received will benefit our Endowment Fund.  There are now three areas within the Endowment Fund in which you may designate your donations.  The original section is general Endowment, which will continue to make grants and matching gifts.  The second section is for the Building and will be used exclusively for the repair of or expansion of our church building.  The third was established to continue the ministry of feeding the hungry. You may choose where you would like your gift applied.

On All Saints Sunday there will be a Memorial Bouquet on the altar.  A list of all those being remembered and the donors who wish to remember them will be included in the bulletin that weekend and published in the December “Lutheran Messenger.”

All remembrances need to be submitted by:  Tuesday, October 30. 


ENVELOPE #_________


$______General Endowment (counter code 800)

$______ Building Endowment (counter code 807)

$_______Feeding the Hungry (counter code 808)

IN MEMORY OF:_____________________________________________________